Informace o splatnosti poplatků s možností úhrady platební kartou

What is P-code for?

Now it is possible to find P-code on your invoice, with which you can pay the invoice, where the code is entered. This P-code can be entered on (or and pay the invoice by VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard or Maestro. You can get back to your P-code anytime by entering it at and check the status of your payment. You can found P-code on the invoice or get it by email or sms or you can call operator of the vendor.

P-code is in the format beginning with three first letters, which are an acronym of the competent seller (f.e. CRO - Cesky rozhlas), next four letters, which show the period of the P-code creation, next is 9-digit number and 4 letters to ensure the uniqueness of each generated code. The P-code is generated in such a way that the probability of "hit" to a valid code is less than 1: 10 000 000.